Friday, June 3, 2011

Lily Pad on You Tube

Have you discovered the awesome new The Natural Parent Magazine yet? With the by-line 'eco conscious, intelligent living and connection parenting' - you can get the drift, and the photography and paper stock are so high grade, it's gorgeous to hold and read.

This latest issue has an article on 'travelling with kids' and a little promo for Lily Pads runs beside it. Since then I've worked with Bex, the lovely marketing manager there, to start a competition to win a lily pad and also she has done a You Tube review and video on how easy it is to pop a lily pad into use for mums. It is so wierd to see the Lily Pad online in a TV advert style video, alongside such fantastic products like Ergo Baby and Bubbalooz. Watching the video, I am all tingly - yes, with being proud, but also slightly embarassed - does anyone else notice how my name stands out so prominently in the rest of Bex's sentence?

Watch it here or below.... xx

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  1. Congratulations that is quite the promotion, love Posie


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