Thursday, June 16, 2011

Planning my new house: Room no 1 - lounge

Wallpapers by the great Amy Butler; green shag cushion with tutorial from V and Co; white plantation shutters; modular corner sofas in browns (here from Freedom); white lacquered furniture; artwork by Gretchen Albrecht; factory and topography inspired artworks; antique photo frames; lily pad fabrics as cushions.

The lily pad household is on the move, and the excitement at nesting in a new place is mounting. Every spare second (of which there are really none) is spent thinking about what items of our furniture to take, and what to start fresh with.

Room One taking up most of my dreaming and planning is the lounge, mostly because I am going to relegate my current black couches to the family room and buy new sand/brown ones for the big 'adults' lounge. While I still love my black-white-red theme in the kitchen and family areas, rather than creating yet another room in the same style, I've dedicated to be brave and expand my colour palette and bring in browns, navy and teal greens.

The colour combo was initially inspired by my favourite designer of all time, Amy Butler, and her new wallpaper ranges (see above), as well as my research in new season colour influences from colour expert Pantone, as well as a spread in Homestyle magazine. But it has also allowed me to incorporate my love of pattern, and so I'm going to use my highly decorative, damask navy and green lily pad fabric on some cushions for a personal touch and make a shaggy green cushion. I'm also loving all these cool accent pieces below from - oopsey daisy, I might have already bought the decorative mounted deer head even before we move!
Interactive wallpaper - magnetic wall art
sky blue cuckoo clock
small peacock wall clock
Silver & black taxidermy deer
Fantail cushion

I'm also brainstorming my own large scale canvas multi-media artwork for the lounge wall - more on that later. Clue One: Hessian coffee sacks from NZ company Avalanche thanks to a friend of a friend (thanks, Paul). Seriously such good coffee, have you bought some yet? Clue Two: Sewing and layering. Clue Three: Pattern and shape. Clue Four: oil paint?

But for up on the stunning wall with an original plaster fireplace mantle built in, I'm looking at purchasing this gorgeous 'Winged Spill" print by New Zealand artist Gretchen Albrecht pictured above. I love the mix of deep, mulled wine and forest colours - and it reminds me too strangely, of my daugher's love of rainbows. A little bit of playfulness in my otherwise seriously 'adults' retreat' style room.

Next up: ideas for my girls' new shared room.


  1. Love it! Do you remember I did Gretchen Albrecht for Art History when we were at school? So amazing.

    For lots of colour ideas I have just started following and totally recommend

    Can't wait to see what comes next!

  2. Congrats........just heard your news a few days ago. How exciting......can't wait to come over for nosey when you're set up. And yr so much closer to me now toooooo Yipeeeeeeee! xxx

  3. Wow, it sounds like your house is one big canvas for your creative ideas! Personalizing your own space is very exciting. Teal green is an excellent color choice for a lounge room - it kinda brings in the color of the outdoors into your home.


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