Thursday, June 9, 2011

Upcycling my fabric scraps just a tinch more...

I'm loving making as many things as I can out of my fabric scraps. It's a wonderful side effect of having the opportunity to buy bulk fabric lots for my lily pad liners - their unusual shapes mean I end up with a large stash of scraps perfect for crafting.

Mostly I cover unusual shaped tins and boxes, to create more storage; or I make face washes with flannel on one side; or I make cushion covers. At Christmas time I made Santa Sacks with appliques. Waiting next in line for a rainy day are fabric covered buttons and pegs.

But I also love to share my fabric scraps around, as one girl can't use them all! Recently I sent some to one of my favourite crafters, Helen at Tinch Design Studio.

I was delighted when she sent me some photos of what had become of them - gorgeous little bird magnets.

Only one or two of each colour exist and they are up for sale on her store.

Do you love upcycling fabric scraps? If so, leave me a comment below - I've bagged up three bags of mixed offcuts and I will randomly pick 3 New Zealand bloggers addresses next weekend to send them too - just tell me what your project will be by either leaving a comment here - or on my facebook page.

Each bag contains a random collection of offcuts from designers such as Amy Butler; Anna Maria Horner; Valori Wells; Studio E; Patricia Bravo or Robert Kauffman.


This week I was also delighted to find a funky collation of 24 projects on Make It: Love It full of ideas for how to make great modern stuff by upcycling fabric scraps. All the projects and patterns are all free!!! What a find. Two of my favourites are below. I hope you find something you love in there too!!

Check out everyone else's loves over at Paisley Jade this week.


  1. They came out so gorgeous, isn't it funny how the fabrics you choose for something big like a lily pad also look great in tiny pieces. I'm working on something with your offcuts too...

  2. they look really fab - I also adore using up the scrap pile, especially with paper craft too.

  3. love, love,love fabric.....even offcuts!!!

  4. Just to look at them, i feel inspired. For a start I would put a scrap under a clear cabochon in a bezel setting for a pendant - then on from there for more projects.

  5. Love fabric scraps, and there is also a great series on at the moment on

    I would probably use the scraps first to make some more headbands and clips for my lil miss, then maybe a ticker tape purse :)

  6. Beautiful prints! Would love to make hair scrunchies and small library tote bags for my kids! :)

  7. What gorgeous fabrics! I would love to try and make some buntings for my baby daughters room with the pink fabric, and also some mini cushion covers and if there is enough then some dribble bibs! From Stephanie Dashwood

  8. Awesome ideas everyone! Can Stephanie Dashwood, Hootnz and Vicki Ryan please email me your address to and I will send off a bag of scraps to you! Can't wait to hear how you go! xx

  9. The fabrics look and sound great - I try to make my toys' clothes and the toys themselves from offcuts from my collections as well as friends and local factory shops. Would love some from NZ!


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