Thursday, June 2, 2011

We're making a Solar System...

...but experiencing a few hiccups!

My husband is in charge of the maths (the planet sizes and distances are going to be as close to scale as we can manage with basic craft materials - which means it is 3 metres long!) and I am in charge of the painting.

We found an iPhone/iPad app with great pictures of the planets, and you can spin them around to get a 360 degree view (Jupiter shown above).

However we still have to figure out:
- How to do rings on Saturn
- How to do the meteors that Miss 4 is insisting on
- Whether painting the wall behind it sparkly-black is really a good idea (yes, that one was my idea)

Also there is the small matter of a missing sun - the 'find' of the project, a $2 shop swirly yellow and red ball, has prematurely exploded, perhaps because it was used as a Swiss ball for two weeks...

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1 comment:

  1. ooh, i'd love to see your finished solar system!
    I am a little scared but excited to be a part of future school projects... actually, probably more scared ;)


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