Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where to find... More Handmade Rings

Rings are definitely my favourite kind of jewellery, I love that I can see them all the time (I never remember to wear earrings!) I don't have to worry about them catching on things, and they instantly make me feel more dressed up. Because they are small they are also great for buying online, and handmade ones can be reasonably priced for something special. I am always on the lookout for more, these are some I have seen recently...

Custom Braille Ring, studio AMF
Macrame and Silver Stacking Rings, Lunatic Art
Baby Elephant Ring (with diamonds), Michelle Chang Jewellery
Woodgrain Ring, That Vintage
Cookie Dough Ring, Beat Black
Rick Rack Ring, Christina Lowry Designs

(Previous post on personalised rings here, I never take mine off!)


  1. great finds! i am obsessing about a 'bliss in a teacup' wooden ring at the moment, handmade rings are awesome :)

  2. Oh, Love these, especially the macrame one.

  3. What a cool selection, cheers Marie

  4. Thanks ladies, I just checked out those wooden ones, very cool!

  5. Hey Greta,

    thanks for visiting me over at the b'shack! So glad you did 'cus now i can join you here!

    xo em


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