Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aarrgh-some Pirate Party


We were lucky enough to go to an amazing pirate party last weekend, some friends went all out for birthday #4. After a pirate ship table was spotted on pinterest, Dad was asked to rig something up - but he built a wooden ship around his desk instead! It was incredible.


Dad also happens to be a painter, how cute is this?


My daughter is pirate-obsessed so she loved everything, including pin-the-parrot-on-the-pirate.

The cupcakes were yummy and the 'Sea Water' was shark lollies in jelly (like Aimee's 'Fishpond jelly' here) .

A wooden treasure chest had also been constructed, with take-home treasure for everyone at the end of  a photo-clue treasure hunt.

(My exhausted babies at the end of a very busy party - couture pirate vest by Nana!)

(Note: The pirate ship attachments are actually for sale on TradeMe this week if you can see a pirate party in your future...)

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  1. Wow awesome party theme, putting this on my list for next year!

  2. Thank you soooo much for the surprise parcel Greta. It was so unexpected but so timely. I have felt yucky over the past too weeks and your parcel really cheered me up. The girls LOVEd the broaches and have used them on hairbands and school bags.
    You are very kind, thank you.

    Love the party idea. Phoebe wants a pirate ship cake for her birthday including sea and mermaids. For an almost three year old she certainly knows what she wants LOL!!
    Wonderful ideas, thanks xxx

  3. Glad to see this pirate party. Would love have this theme for my son’s birthday party that will arrange at one of LA venues. I really liked your arrangements and planning to implement few for my party too. Thanks for sharing this post.


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