Monday, August 8, 2011

Lily Pads are ''coming up like Roses....''

I’ve big news this post. Today I'm announcing that I’m stepping back from making the Lily Pad Pram Liner range and have bought in a wonderful new business partner to take over the reins.
Lisa from Estella Rose Designs has a stunning range of handmade products for mums and kids in gorgeous fabrics that match my signature lily pad style – vintage, damask, floral, spots… you name it, it’s all about pattern and style for mums.

In fact we’ve already collaborated before, on a range of matching nappy bags and lily pad pram liners – check out the photos above. I first met Lisa at Crafternoon Tea and the Devonport Craft Market a year ago, and we instantly hit it off. Since then we’ve bounced ideas, potential designs, pattern choices and colour ranges off each other and supported each other along the way.
So why the change? Well recently I went back to work after my husband was made redundant and he stayed at home while looking for a new role. You do what you have to do for your family at the time. Then since he returned to work I've discovered I'm liking the balance, and we've been able on two (or one and a half) incomes to move into a much larger, gorgeous, renovated bungalow on a big section, close to the beach– it’s a dream come true for us as our family grows.
Anyone who knows me knows that I’m still passionate about sewing, painting, crafting and designing – and I have every intention of continuing this blog, continuing my craft projects, still writing for babybites online magazine – and I have at least two more design ideas in my head that DEFINITELY need to come out before Christmas.

But I simply don’t have the energy to work three quarter full time, and fulfil weekly/monthly retail orders for Lily Pad Pram Liners, let alone grow the business further, as well as snatch some time to play with my kids. For me the choice was obvious, in the weekends and my days off, I want to play with my kids. My five year old is learning to read and I’m loving every second of being part of that experience.
Cue the wonderful Lisa, who is passionate about growing her business into a fully-fledged, full time career, and she intends to build the business from home around her children. Her nappy bags, handbags, nappy wallets and textile jewellery range has gone from strength to strength and she has dozens of retailers around New Zealand (find out more about her here ).

Lisa has it in her blood, with her Mum a professional tailor-ess who’s owned her own design businesses all her adult life. She has a wonderful support network, retail experience, and the fire in her belly!! Watch this space as Lisa continues to grow the Lily Pad Pram Liners and their market niche – firstly at:

The Auckland Gift Fair – 21-23 August

The Auckland Parent and Child Show, 30 Sept – 2 October

I’m absolutely delighted and wish Lisa all the best - and here’s hoping for world domination for Lily Pad Pram Liners!!!
I’d be grateful if you could hop over and like her facebook page here to show your support.

Meanwhile, for future news on my crazy crafty projects and ramblings, keep reading my blog. I’d just like to thank everyone for their support over the past year as Lily Pad Pram Liners has taken off, especially Keri S; Greta; Nat Fox; Bex L and Rachel; Rae and Jo; Jodi M - and my lovely family. Especially my Mum and Gav. I’ll always love and respect you for all those nights you’ve helped me with cutting out patterns and helping me prepare for markets and retail orders.
Mphww!!! xx

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  1. Good luck in your new venture(s), to both of you. It takes courage to give up one's "baby" business (not in size, but in concept) to someone else, and equally to take over someone's original creation and run with it.

    Meanwhile, if either (or both) of you can find time to visit my Etsy shop at and/or read my blog at and leave comments I'd be most grateful.

    One never knows, there might be an "opportunity" for all of us that way too? Have just made a breakthrough (minisicule, but still a breakthrough) in Oz, so I'd love to get a toe-hold in NZ too!

    Again, all the best. Isobel


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