Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mad Men *sigh*

I had almost come to terms with Mad Men not being back on TV until 2012, but lately I have been bombarded with reminders of this amazing series - if you have not seen it yet find some DVDs asap!

(Left - My kitchen calendar)

First thing this morning, my daily Etsy Finds email, subject 'Mad Style'... "Taking inspiration from the extraordinary set and costume direction of the TV series Mad Men, today's Etsy Finds is a spread designed for your martini-sipping, lipstick-wearing, executive lifestyle". More MM inspired treasuries here.

And then on the gorgeous blog, these mid-century inspired paints, so pretty!

Last week I stumbled across this new range of clothes by Mad Men's costume designer (available in the US at Banana Republic).

And I saw these on pinterest...

Why do I love Mad Men so much? Not only because it is gorgeous, but also clever and funny and sad... do you miss Mad Men too?

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  1. OMG that lounge.... *faints*

    I love it so much because it draws you RIGHT in; I think I would be completely & utterly gob-smacked if I saw any of the actors in real life today, as though they had travelled through time because they ARE from the 1962, you know what I mean? I think it's the only show I've ever seen that has me sucked in so much! It's just.... just.... damn I love it!


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