Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Creative Spaces - Kristine's wonders!

I can't claim any of this as my creative space this week, but I really wanted to share with you one of our loyal blog and facebook follower's creative efforts on her behalf.

A few weeks ago I ran a competition to give away several 'grab bags' of Lily Pad Designs scrap fabrics, and asked people to come back and tell me what they made.

The lovely Kristine sent me these photos of what she'd created with her 'pink' based bag of lily pad pram liner scraps. The bunting was a project for her little girl's room, and she added in a third fabric of her own choice to make it go further (nice co-ordinating vintage look Kristine, great choice!).

Then she followed a free dowloadable pattern for a toy turtle from one of my favourite blogs, Make It, Love It - isn't it just gorgeous!

Kristine tells me that until now, she hadn't done any sewing since making aprons at school years ago but having the scraps given to her has sparked up a new creative interest. I'm so pleased, as these bits were just pining away in my cupboard and I love how they have been reused and re-designed. I think it's wonderful that she's getting back into it, and these are fantastic!

Well done Kristine!

To see lots of other people's creative spaces this week, head over to every Thursday.


  1. That turtle is absolutely gorgeous!xx

  2. cutest turtle ever! lovely that your scraps have inspired Kristine's creativity :)

  3. I was wondering how that pattern would come out, so cute! Fabulous use of scraps :)


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