Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silhouette families - Post Number two!

Last week Greta posted about her gorgeous silhouette art works she'd made of her children - I just loved them to pieces.

I was going to copy her and make some of my own...but at my work at the moment, I'm learning how to use computer graphics programmes to 'clear cut' images - which means removing the background around an image of a person or object, to make it look a bit more arty on your website.

So I wondered about trying to combine the two, and with the help of Google found two tutorials that explain how to a) clear cut and b) turn into a silhouette!

At home I use (a free downloadable version of paint that is one step up, and more like photoshop) so these instructions here and here worked a treat. I would really recommend downloading if you are into graphics and creating art on the computer.

Once I had taken the photos to get the image for the silhouettes (like Greta, I took individual photos of our family against white backgrounds) I then imported the pictures into and followed the instructions. Then I googled 'family tree silhouette image' and found a couple of trees I liked the look of (make sure to choose images as big as you can, not clip art size - or they come out too pixelated), and started layering up the images on top of each other in, to create the over-all effect.

Print it on a computer and away you go!

Next I might do it again, but 'inverse' the lines into white, and print on a bright coloured piece of paper.

But I'm not sure which tree I like better - perhaps the coloured one will fit in best in the family room.

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