Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gingerbread rugby teams....

On Sunday Miss Five, Miss nearly Two and I made gingerbread men for Father's Day. We're Rugby World Cup mad around here, and super excited that there's only a few days to go. So Miss Five's idea was to make a team of All Blacks, and a team of Wallabies (since Dad is Australian).

Once we'd made the little guys, we iced their 'shirts' using normal icing but piped their faces and the Wallabies insignia using special Icing Writing Pens. How cool they are! I'd never used them before.

Maddie kept asking me 'which one is the boss of the team?' (meaning the captain) so we nominated the biggest two gingerbread men. She knew the All Backs' boss was 'Richycaw' but she didn't know the Wallabies captain - so he remained just the 'boss!'

The best part was once Dad had seen his treat, there were enough gingerbread men to go around the GrandPops too...


  1. Oh what a FAB idea!! i Love it!!!!

  2. I was going to ask you for a photo, awesome!

  3. Adorable! Have you seen the gingerbread men haka? Perhaps you could recreate it...


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