Saturday, September 3, 2011

Things I'm loving...Dads.

This week I'm loving...hanging out with Dads, on Father's Day.

Miss Five has decided that this year we are going to make a little rugby team of gingerbread men for her Dad's Father's Day present. We've bought coloured icing to make them Australian green and gold icing tops...and of course we'll also mix some with a bit of red and blue to make some black shirt opposing All Blacks too!

She is SO excited about the Rugby World Cup 2011 - how neat is that!

But I'd also love to set up this activity for her and her Dad to do together. It's a fun, free and easy DIY that will keep the kids entertained for hours and keep Dad busy with the craft knife and string: amazingly cool little cardboard guitars, which I discovered online shared on one of my absolute favourite blogs. They have been created by the very clever Dad in the Make It Love It blog family.

To make them, all you need are old cardboard boxes, glue, pencils, jumbo rubber bands, and an adult to wield a craft knife. Simply follow the step by step instructions in the link above, thread the rubber bands as strings, and pretty soon you’ll be teaching the kids the classic song “Dance to my 10 guitars”.

We have heaps of cardboard boxes left over from moving house.
And I also thought, why not combine with my girls' favourite love - painting – and get out the craft paints and decorate them too?
(PS: if you need a reminder of the 10 Guitar song words, find them online here. I love this song too!)

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And Em's asked me also to link to the I'm Grateful bloggy hop here to see who else is grateful for and loving Dads this Father's Day weekend!

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  1. Nothing like Dads! I agree! Im hosting maxabellas grateful party today, this world be the perfect addition if you'd like to join in!

    xo em

  2. A gingerbread team is genius! The guitars are so cute.

  3. hey thanks em, I'd love to join in! we usually play grateful at maxabellas! by the way, love your blog! x

  4. These are cool! Love 'em :) Brenda


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