Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crochet Cupcake Madness

I started doing crochet a few weeks ago so I could make 'amigurumi' (cute little toys). Crochet is totally addictive but I do not have the patience for lots of squares to make blankets - unlike Paisley Jade with her amazing Mario birthday mushroom!

I found this easy cupcake pattern on pinterest, it suggested dark brown for the base and I used pastels for the icing (see here for amazing bright colours). I figured a button would be an easy decoration instead of  sewing on bead sprinkles. Once I had made 3 (after you do the first one they are really quick), I decided that 4 would make a cute birthday present for a special little girl.

Inspired by another picture on pinterest, I made a cupcake tray because I thought little hands would like lifting the cakes in and out. If you have an old box (like this chocolate box) just cover the lid and the base, I used scrapbook paper and Mod Podge glue. Then turn the whole thing upside down so the covered lid is now the base.

Now you just need 4 circles evenly spaced in the smaller piece (the old base), so draw them on the wrong side and cut each circle into segments. If you did this for real cupcakes you would probably only need to quarter it, but the crochet cakes are soft and bouncy so they needed more 'teeth' to hold them.

*Note: Instead of covering a box, you could make a gift box yourself with a base and a lid (like a bigger version of this), but  make sure they are different sizes so one fits inside the other - I made an insert for the rose lid from scratch and missed by a couple of millimetres, aarrggh!

I was going to cellophane the whole thing but the tray fitted snugly sideways in a gift bag, easy! And I did this red velvet one with eyes for a grown-up birthday last week... now that I have eyes (from this store) I have lots more projects to tackle, watch this space...


  1. These are looking so cute! Loving the colours... and I'm sure one day you'll get crazy enough to do a massive blanket!! ;)


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