Monday, October 10, 2011

Everybody cut, Everybody cut...

I saw the Footloose remake this week and it is fun! If you remember the original there are lots of cute nods to it, from the car to the music to the costuming... and yes, there is still some angry dancing...

I loved Ariel's red boots, very Wonder Woman. If I was brave enough I would buy some - there are lots of vintage ones on Etsy including the ones above.

The hot dusty setting got me excited about our coming summer, and there was a LOT of denim and plaid - it inspired me to have a play with Polyvore (I am going to need some of those bracelets by Evie Kemp).
Footloose for Summer

Footloose for Summer details on Polyvore (have you tried Polyvore yet? It is as addictive as Pinterest!)

And of course Etsy also has some vintage movie goodies - a new-condition original shirt, and recycled album cover notebook. Fun!

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  1. I saw this advertised at the movies recently and I was very nervous... what kind of music do they have in it? The music was such a big part of the first movie... I think I will definitely see it, though. It's too tempting! x


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