Monday, November 7, 2011

For a sure turned out cute!

Little Miss Two wasn't going to have a proper party this year - except for a family morning tea with our nearest and dearest. My nephew and Miss Two were born only 3 days apart and my sister and I shared a hospital room together for the first few days of their lives, so we wanted to celebrate their special day together.

Poor Master Two fell ill two days beforehand though, so our special boy and girl "orange and purple" joint morning tea became just for Miss Two. At the last minute, I changed my mind on my pre-planned "wrapped up birthday present"cake (my sister and I had planned two box-styled cakes with wrapping ribbons that would sit side by side). Instead I got inspired to create to a castle made with ice cream cones and lollies - it was a quick change but pretty effective!

Miss Five also helped her Dad to decorate the deck with streamers and we used all our colourful platters. Wearing a huge smile, Miss Two soaked it all in and Gran left afterwards with a big plate of snacks for poor Master Two and his brother.


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