Friday, January 27, 2012

A Photo a Day

Last year I stumbled across some blogs that were taking a photo every day, and thought how much easier it would be than writing a diary. Years ago a friend tried to do it, but in the 'old' days (pre-digital and pre-cameraphone) it took some commitment.

I was going to wait until June and do it for a whole year birthday-to-birthday... but then I discovered the Apple app Instagram.

I love it because:

  • I have always liked square photos
  • it has easy, pretty filter effects to make your phone photos look great
  • at the same time you publish your photo you can also send a copy to Facebook, twitter, tumblr or email (I email to the grandparents)
  • if you like some privacy for pics of the kids, accounts can be private (so I have an account @gretbert for public/crafty stuff, and a second account for more personal stuff) 

Like Pinterest, it can be used as social networking... or just a useful way to keep track of your own stuff. Not many of my friends use it yet but it is really interesting to see pictures by favourite bloggers like (these are their Instagram account names, most people use the same as their twitter name) kootoyoo, lilmagoolie, mybeardedpigeon, pilgrim_lee and meetmeatmikes.

I haven't quite taken a photo every day this year, but something that has helped is the January photo-a-day challenge by Fat Mum Slim. She has suggested a topic each day, and then if you use #janphotoaday in your caption, it gets added to all the other pics with that label (just like twitter) - so far there are 150,000 which means at least 5,000 people are playing! And of course everyone has different takes on each topic.

Chantelle has just made up the February list, of course you don't have to use Instagram, you could use twitter or Facebook if you want to share or just see if using the camera every day becomes a buzz or a drag...

I'm hoping that at the end of the year I can put together 366 pics for a poster, but if I don't get that far there are lots of other ideas here, magnets or did you know you can get photos made into viewfinder slides!

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  1. I am doing the feb one! I'm nervous! haha! xx LOVE instagram, do you think its bad that all i want to do when i blog is blog IG pics? i mean there's no point in taking them twice right? xx


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