Friday, January 13, 2012

Smartie-pants cakes

I love this robot cake my sister made for the little man's recent birthday...

The numbers are icing set in a chocolate mould and the smarties (pebbles!) reminded me of some other awesome cakes I have seen lately.

Retro mummy always has amazing recipes on her blog but I love this one... pastry and ganache and smarties, oh my!

I found this rainbow cake on pinterest but it is originally from this article on easy cakes. Just use different sizes of M&Ms, genius!

Even easier - M & Ms and Kit Kats by (I am not a kit kat fan but I know lots of people that are).

And taking the trend for ombre cakes to the extreme is this one from Martha Stewart Weddings (for more amazing ombre cakes see here).


  1. The robot cake is terrific. I used Smarties on the 'rainbow cake' I made for my daughter's recent party. It was a hit! x


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