Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Toy Society

I have been making crochet toys and found a cool way to pass them on - The Toy Society, a blog that tracks handmade toys randomly dropped in cities all over the world.

Just email   thetoysociety@gmail.com  for details about how it works, how to package them up etc. The idea is that it encourages people to interact with their local environment, and have the rare experience of getting something for nothing. The blog (and flickr group) catalogues all the toys that have been 'dropped', and any messages from people that have found them.

Violet the unicorn (from this book) was on the verge of being adopted by my daughter, who really doesn't need another soft toy, so I explained we could pack her up and leave her in a park for someone else to take home. It was actually quite exciting, as I wanted to do the drop somewhere that she would be found, but not until we had cleared out - I had visions of someone without kids finding it and offering it back to us!

I think my next toy will need to find a home through our blog... watch this space for a giveaway soon!

p.s. I may not get around to writing about all my little toys, but if you are interested in works in progress I post photos on twitter and instagram as @gretbert

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  1. Crafts like this are great finds. Sometimes you can even do it at home and sell it to others. These cute items can give you fortune.


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