Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pukeko Party

My big girl recently turned 5 and surprised me by asking for a pukeko party. Funnily enough there aren't many pukekos on Pinterest, or parties on Google... so we had to wing it (excuse the pun). I figured blue and red with lots of eggs was the theme - if you are not familiar with New Zealand wildlife a pukeko is a native swamp hen, currently New Zealand Bird of the Year!

We started preparing by doing this coloured paper collage together, which I then used as a motif for invitations. With more time I would have also used it for cupcake toppers like these cute ones, the only pukeko cakes I ever found on the internet!

The cookies were a joint effort with my mum, she found a flamingo cookie cutter and used a Belgian biscuit recipe. I made blue royal icing (a half batch of this recipe) and spread it on with the back of a teaspoon. The red was a writing icing tube from the supermarket. Unfortunately the thin legs made the cookies a bit fragile and during a late-night baking session I knocked a container on the floor and half of them broke. But 12 made it to the party intact and they were great decorations on the table.

Other treats included chocolate chip cookies with red and blue mini M&M's and egg-shaped fairy bread (pukeko eggs are speckled).

Also on the table, these speckled eggs I crocheted from the Owlishly pattern here.

My sister made an awesome chocolate cake with landscaped icing and we added some pukeko figurines and chocolate eggs.

We didn't need many activities as we were using our local kindergarten for the party, but I did make this printable pukeko picture for colouring in (the pdf can be downloaded here).

My daughter had asked for a BIG pukeko party so we invited lots of families, and turnout was so good that we actually had too many kids for the one game I had planned - an egg hunt in the garden. So after the first few families left (sorry guys), kids looked for an egg bag on their way out. I hope they were all found otherwise some kindy kid is going to get a big surprise!

Thanks so much to my family and friends their help making it a special day  :)

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  1. wow, that is one amazing party idea ;) love that your little girl was thinking outside the normal disney square! loved the crochet eggs too, thanks for sharing really enjoyed that post :)


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