Saturday, March 10, 2012

Robot Quilts on Spoonflower

'Robot Cheater Quilts' is the theme of the contest this week, and they are amazing! You can see them all here and vote but these are some of my favourites (just click on the pictures to get to the designer's page).

A cheater quilt is fabric designed to look like different fabrics are already pieced together, so you can just sew along the lines to get a quilted effect. The brief was to design them on a yard of fabric, so one of these cheater quilts would come out much bigger than the mini alphabet quilt I made recently (see post here). The winning designs will be available to purchase next week, and hopefully some of the others will be for sale soon too.

Some entries have all-over patterns that could be used as regular fabric too. Robot fabric always catches my eye as my mum and I looked everywhere for some when she was making my son's robot quilt (see post here).

Spoonflower is one of my favourite websites - designing your own fabric is such an awesome idea or you can choose from thousands of designs by others. I even sold some fabric the other day!!!

Someone, somewhere in the world, is making something from this design I entered in an icecream competition. Hooray for the interweb  :)

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