Wednesday, May 23, 2012

To ombre or not to ombre

My granny-squaring has ground to a halt because I can't decide what I want my blanket to look like...

The squares are big because I am too lazy to change colours all the time. I have used this tutorial again and at this size a square takes just over half a 50g ball of wool.

My plan was to make a blue blanket to go over my cream quiltcover, but now I'm not sure about graduating the blues for a 'ombre' effect... I think I might lose the darkest blue and make them a bit more random instead.

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  1. Whatever you do will be lovely! You cant go wrong with those lovely blue shades!

  2. Lovely squares. I love the first picture, where you have the squares lined up in their matching colours. Whatever you decide to do will look awesome.

  3. I like the ombre effect but what about having instead of the whole blanket going ombre one way what about 1 row going from dark to light and then the opposite back the other way on the next row, hope that makes sense hehe xx


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