Sunday, July 15, 2012

The New Girls

Have you seen Girls? It has had a low profile here in New Zealand but I have just finished watching the first series and laughed a lot. It is smart, funny and great looking with a cool Brooklyn/vintage aesthetic.

Shoshanna's apartment

I feel a bit topsy-turvy having watched Sex and The City in my twenties and now watching Girls in my thirties... while Carrie & Co. had careers, their own apartments and killer wardrobes, these four girls are not long out of college and figuring everything out 'one mistake at a time' - and they aren't all Size 0. But like SATC (which is referenced several times), production value is high and there are some great sets and parties (more on Shoshanna's pretty apartment here).

Charlie's apartment

This apartment belonged to one of the boys in the show but I LOVE it and daydream about living there. Production Designer Laura Ballinger Gardner also worked on films like Garden State and Brokeback Mountain, and has made all the apartments look real and lived in.

Hannah (Lena Dunham), Jessa (Jemima Kirke), Marnie (Allison Williams)

The clothes vary from lead character Hannah's retro brights to all-American beauty Marnie's crisp classic lines, but a highlight was the hand-modified looking outfits of Jessa - this feathered party dress was a standout.

Creator/writer/director/lead actress Lena Dunham is only 26 and getting a lot of attention in Hollywood right now... and Series Two will be coming early next year.

Do you like it too?

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