Thursday, August 30, 2012

Granny stripe goodness

After stalling with granny squares, my first large crochet project is of the stripey variety. I find the stripes more satisfying as you can see the blanket taking shape as you go - and there is no joining of squares!!! I am also quicker just going in a straight line instead of having to go around corners all the time.

This is for some overseas friends expecting a baby girl, I wanted a mix of colours that would look feminine but not too pink.

It has turned out very sweet and snuggly, I hope she enjoys it half as much as my son loves his crochet blankets (at almost 3 years old he is a little obsessed!)

If you would like to try one (or a granny stripe scarf), I absolutely recommend Pip's granny square lessons and then this tutorial on the gorgeous Attic 24 blog shows how to work stripes. SO fun!

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  1. What a beautiful present. Every time I see a lovely post like yours, I think to myself that I really must learn to crochet. :)

  2. This is just gorgeous Greta!
    Perfect - and not too much pink!x

  3. This is beautiful - love your colour choices. Perfect for a girl without being too over the top!

  4. It looks awesome, such lovely colours and what a lovely parcel it will be to open for your overseas friends!

  5. Stunning blanket, the colours are beautiful!

  6. This is awesome! Did you block it? mine are always really out of shape and I'm not sure what to do about making them better?


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