Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Great Sock Monkey Challenge

This week I made a sock monkey for an amazing cause - The Great Sock Monkey Challenge. The goal is to deliver a sock monkey to every New Zealand child who is in hospital with a critical or long term illness.

Sock monkeys are a classic handmade toy and Aimee has written about them before here (and I have tried a sock elephant and cat, see here). If you are looking for an easy craft project, all you need is one pair of socks, some fill and needle and thread. Faces are usually stitched with embroidery or buttons but I used some of the safety eyes I have for crochet.

To be honest...  I find handsewing pretty tedious... but it was very satisfying to finish, especially when I decided he needed some accessories (the hat is to disguise his conehead!) And it was still only two nights of sewing in front of the television - this would be a great project for doing in front of the Olympics   ;)

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  1. Oh I just love your little argyle fellow! Cone head and all!! :) I can just imagine the smile on the face of the recipient. What a great cause. And thanks for posting the diagram, I never knew how sock monkeys were made...well, 'cept that they were made from socks :-\

  2. Very cool little monkey! I've never made a sock toy before, but definitely should - they look so cute :-)

  3. What a cool monkey for a great cause! When I first glanced at your thumbnail he made me think of Rasta Mouse - there is definitely a serious cool factor here, I'm sure I've seen him and the band around town somewhere... : )

  4. Your monkey is very dapper. I'm loving the accessories. I'm doing the challenge too. It's such a good cause.

  5. Your monkey is very sweet. I love the way the pattern on the sock has turned out.

  6. he is very cool!
    I have a sock monkey kit for the kids to make, you have inspired me to do it with them.

    happy weekend to you ♥


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