Thursday, October 11, 2012

Daisy Doll

'Do you know Daisy dolls?' a friend asked me a few weeks ago. Her and her sister have just unearthed their dolls for the kids to play with and everyone is enjoying playing dress-ups. In my head Daisy and Sindy were the same thing - unlike most of my friends, I had a Sindy instead of Barbie - but it turns out Daisy is kind of awesome (sorry Sindy)... and I had to get one!

British fashion designer Mary Quant launched Daisy in 1973 as the 'best dressed doll in the world' and her many outfits (a few here) are amazing examples of retro fashion with beautiful details and each one has a cute name like 'Cucumber Sandwich' or 'Denimgrad'. They were manufactured into the 1980s so I figured secondhand ones would be everywhere like Barbie but this is not the case! There was nothing on Etsy, a reliable source of original Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and only a handful of ridiculously priced collectibles (some still in box) on Ebay in the UK.

Luckily it only took a couple of weeks of watching Trade Me to find a local one, this outfit is called 'Daddy's Girl' and is in pretty good condition, including white gogo boots. It seems New Zealand may have a few Daisys tucked away in storage but unlike fellow 70s doll Blythe, she has not become a hipster hobby (further proof being that #daisydoll brings up nothing on Instagram or twitter!)

Blythe is known for her giant head but I think her body is a similar size to Daisy's, so I looked at Blythe crochet patterns for some inspiration. This dress is just DK yarn with a 3mm hook, but I have found some supercute patterns for a 1mm hook so will be trying one soon. The bodice is a rectangle that fastens at the back and then the skirt I worked in the round, increasing stitches for a few rows to get a nice tulip skirt.

Miss 5.5 has not yet shown any interest in Barbie or similar dolls (and I have not encouraged any), but she likes Daisy and has decided my red dress is superior to the original one. Several inches shorter than Barbie, Daisy has more realistic proportions than the pink Amazon so I can further justify my purchase as a more PC alternative - and a bargain compared to Blythe!

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