Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wedding thoughts

I have weddings on my radar at the moment because I get to be bridesmaid for my sister in December - and websites like Pinterest and Etsy are amazing resources. When I got married six years ago, I did minimal DIY (invitations, table cards and bracelets) but Handmade and Vintage are now wedding keywords, with creative types going all out on wedding craft.

Tutorial here

And it is not just the weddings themselves - arty engagement shoots, high tea bridal showers or hens parties... they are all over the internet making me daydream about cupcakes, macarons, bunting and doily lanterns.

Of course the appeal of going handmade and/or vintage is that your wedding won't look like anyone else's - my sister has designed this amazing motif and had it customised into a stamp (from here). I love these food stamps too...

A knitted ring pillow...

A paint-sample garland...

And here are some Etsy picks that you don't have to make yourself:

Wedding pictures are very personal so instead of 'grabbing' other people's, here are links to some of my favourites from the interweb:
And more great resources:

Let me know if you have any other ideas!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tribute to a friend, android instagram style

Regular readers of this blog will know that Greta just posted about her gorgeous typewriter cushion she made me for my birthday, and that she often posts about instagram.

So it seems fitting for my first post back after a four month hiatus to write about both things, in a tribute to her :)

My first instagram picture EVER shows her lovely cushion proudly adorning my favourite reading chair in my home office, beside my favourite homemade Amy Butler print and under my favourite Gretchen Albrecht print.

So why instagram, why now? Two weeks ago instagram released its android version (, meaning I can use it on my phone, and the news hound writer in me couldn't resist checking it out after facebook decided to spend $1billionUS on it!

Greta shared with me a very cool cheats sheet to instagram on FatMumSlim's blog - - which has helped heaps this weekend to get started. But there seem to be a few differences between my android version and the iphone version. A quick google confirmed the couple of obvious ones. One, you can't preview what a shot will look like, with a filter on it, before you take a shot, like you can with an iphone (no biggie, really). You also can't pick a part of a picture and blur out the rest to create cool depth of field like an SLR camera (is that the waterdrop feature?). And yes, my instagram pictures are pretty blurry (another common thread complaint). But who cares! It's two weeks in to a first release, and as we all know with apps, the next version will be just around the corner. Looking forward to a new toy to play with. In the meantime, if any of you have any tips, please let me know!

PS: thnx and hugx to Greta, think you'll agree she's doing an amazing job running our blog :) I can't believe how prolific her art and drawings have become, alongside her craft! xxx

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Letter for a Friend

I'm so pleased with how this cushion came out - it was a (slightly late) birthday present for my blog buddy Aimee! The amazing fabric is by Melody Miller and reminds me of Aimee because she is a writer and loves bold colours.

Designer quilting fabric is rare and expensive in New Zealand but I saw that Stitchbird Fabrics were stocking these designs and a $10 fat quarter to make a pretty cushion is not too bad (the fat quarter just fitted the large 48cm cushion I was using). Also the fabric has some linen in it which makes it feel more durable than quilting cotton.

I first saw Melody Miller's designs when Aimee wrote about her in early 2011 (here) and have followed her blog ever since - I think a lot of crafters dream about designing fabric lines and she is very candid about how she got there.

She even has a tutorial for making a headscarf, so cute, I am definitely trying one out next summer!

Linking up with Creative Spaces where everyone shares what they were up to this week  :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Draw Something

So it turned out that a Drawing a Day was much more fun than just photos, and more personal - I didn't do all of them but still managed to reference Mad Men, Strawberry Shortcake, Star Wars, Singin' in the Rain...

It was the first time I had done regular drawings since school which was a VERY long time ago! The kids were fascinated and would draw next to me, so sweet.

It was intimidating posting them to Instagram with some real New Zealand artists, but they were very friendly, check out some of their stores:

And if you recognised the title of this post... yes I have tried the game Draw Something (on Apple and Android) and you can find me as gretbert, but sometimes I don't take my turn for a week! Some people are amazing at it, I am not but this is one of my better ones...

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