Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ninja Pillows

I found this awesome tutorial while looking for ninja fabric for a present - my kids are pretty new to Lego but I hear Ninjago is a big deal!

The tutorial on Crazy Little Projects includes instructions for making a whole cover, but I just found some inexpensive pillowcases so all I had to do was applique. I have done a lot of machine applique and my tips are:

  • Use iron-on adhesive to stick the pieces together before sewing (I use Heat n Bond Lite)
  • Pin some tearaway stabilizing paper behind the design before sewing (like this)
  • Sew a small zigzag stitch really slowly, stopping often to turn corners by lifting the foot while the needle is down. There is a great applique tutorial here

The result is a soft squishy ninja head, so cute!

I am very satisfied with this project - a one-night job with very small pieces of fabric.

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