Thursday, August 30, 2012

Granny stripe goodness

After stalling with granny squares, my first large crochet project is of the stripey variety. I find the stripes more satisfying as you can see the blanket taking shape as you go - and there is no joining of squares!!! I am also quicker just going in a straight line instead of having to go around corners all the time.

This is for some overseas friends expecting a baby girl, I wanted a mix of colours that would look feminine but not too pink.

It has turned out very sweet and snuggly, I hope she enjoys it half as much as my son loves his crochet blankets (at almost 3 years old he is a little obsessed!)

If you would like to try one (or a granny stripe scarf), I absolutely recommend Pip's granny square lessons and then this tutorial on the gorgeous Attic 24 blog shows how to work stripes. SO fun!

Linking up with Our Creative Space, where there are always lots of ideas for new projects...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Gos

The brilliant Handmade Ryan Gosling may have wound down, but there is something about Ryan that still has us hot under the collar.

Although he was a child star instead of an academic, Ryan has become an icon of intelligent, sensitive hipsterism (even in New Zealand!)

His versatility (clean-shaven or bearded, suit or cardigan, comedy or drama) is immortalised in the latest 'Dishes I'd Rather Be Doing' tea towel by Dear Colleen

This colouring book (yes, really!) by I Love Mel covers many faces of Ryan, and hit worldwide media this week. Because Ryan has universal appeal.

And this blank card by Geek Amour cracked me up because crochet and Mad Men are two of my favourite things! 

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, you need to start with:

And as for the next eye-candy meme? Judging by the reaction from some of my friends to this photo recently... Hey dog?

Tom Hardy via Oh Sarah-Rose

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crochet me she did, cute I am

Yoda was actually one of my first crochet projects last year but I have only just made his robe. I think it is a great example that once you know how to increase and decrease stitches, you can make just about any shape or animal.

His pattern was only US$3.50 here, and designer Lucy Ravenscar has lots of other characters covered too.

My house is Star Wars crazy at the moment but I don't think we are the only ones - this ensemble picture is one of my most popular pins on Pinterest.

More ideas of things to make here at My Creative Space, hosted by the very clever Kirsty.

p.s. If you are looking for a Star Wars sewing project, you have to see this Chewbacca softie by Draw! Pilgrim

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Great Sock Monkey Challenge

This week I made a sock monkey for an amazing cause - The Great Sock Monkey Challenge. The goal is to deliver a sock monkey to every New Zealand child who is in hospital with a critical or long term illness.

Sock monkeys are a classic handmade toy and Aimee has written about them before here (and I have tried a sock elephant and cat, see here). If you are looking for an easy craft project, all you need is one pair of socks, some fill and needle and thread. Faces are usually stitched with embroidery or buttons but I used some of the safety eyes I have for crochet.

To be honest...  I find handsewing pretty tedious... but it was very satisfying to finish, especially when I decided he needed some accessories (the hat is to disguise his conehead!) And it was still only two nights of sewing in front of the television - this would be a great project for doing in front of the Olympics   ;)

See what other crafty things have been made this week at My Creative Space

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