Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best. Fabric. Ever*

*If you like Star Wars and comic books

I finally made some long-promised cushions from this amazing fabric I found on

I've written about Spoonflower before because it is the best idea ever - you can design your own fabric and they will print it for you OR you can buy fabric someone else has designed, and they get a commission. I can draw a little but I could never have come up with these awesome graphics, so I bought one yard of 'Icons of the Silver Screen'  designed by Studio Fibonacci.

Custom printed fabric does not come cheap, but Spoonflower has different options of size and fabric weight, and the international shipping is reasonably priced. Because I wanted to make cushions, I ordered the Linen-Cotton blend which comes 137cm wide, so you can see 1 yard is actually a lot of fabric.

The only problem I had was that there are only two lines of characters that do not repeat in 1 yard - the Star Wars characters that I knew everyone would want on their cushion - so cutting took a lot of planning!

So far I have made four cushions and a tiny baby tag blanket, and there is still enough for another small project or two (the back of the cushions is the binary print show above). And after a run of crochet projects, it was nice to make friends with my sewing machine again.

Spoonflower can now print your designs as wallpaper and decals too!!! I may have to go and lie down.

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