Thursday, November 14, 2013


I have a new blog,

There isn't much happening there yet but it is going to be where I keep the details of my little projects, especially the ones little enough to go in the mail (hence the 'Post' of the title).

I am still addicted to Instagram so if you would like to see what I am making, that is where you will find me. Otherwise thanks so much for reading On Top Of A Lily Pad, however you came across it... life has changed a lot since Aimee and I started it three and a half years ago!

And if you have ever fancied starting a blog, do it!    And let me know  ;)

Two last things....

I have made these little Christmas stockings to raise money for Movember - details here

If you can whip up a handmade toy, send it to Softies For Mirabel, the coolest toy drive ever.

xxx Greta

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bloggity Blog Blog Blog

Blog posts are pretty rare around here these days, but with Google Reader shutting down at the end of June I thought I better do some housekeeping!

You can follow this blog with Bloglovin or I have heard Feedly is a good Reader too.

If you read blogs on your iPad I totally recommend the Flipboard app, it makes whatever you follow (including Social Media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) into a personalised magazine and I love it!

If you are on Instagram I post my craft and baking as @gretbert, including lots of things I don't get around to writing blog posts about...

And I usually link to blog posts (and Instagram pics) through Twitter too, so you can follow that way (if you can put up with me retweeting silly things about Mad Men and Gilmore Girls).

Thursday, June 6, 2013


As soon as I found this pattern I knew I had to make one - so cute and Batman comes a close second to Star Wars at the moment with Mr 3. I think I saw him first on Instagram and then a google search for 'Batman Amigurumi' found the original blog post.

The pattern is available here on Etsy and is really easy - after a few false starts experimenting with yarn and hooks I used DK yarn and a 3mm hook. I tried to sew on the felt eyes but they puckered so I have just glued them on, we will see how long they last!

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Friday, May 17, 2013

My Kitten Scarf

A recent cold snap motivated me to finish this infinity scarf - the free pattern 'Calm Cowl' is on Ravelry and it is very easy (I also repeated the stripe detail on each side). 

I treated myself to this gorgeous yarn from Soft Like Kittens - I used the 4ply Noodle Sock weight and a 5mm crochet hook, and it came out very light and delicate. I am obsessed with turquoise at the moment and this was a test colour, but I love the other Soft Like Kittens colours too (Annette from Soft Like Kittens is so clever, she was also Nut and Bee stationery!)

I had to block it a bit afterwards (my casting on chain stitches are always a bit wobbly), but it came out pretty tidy and just fits around my neck twice.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crazy Cute Amigurumi Turtle

This was the cutest pattern I could find for a special friend who has a baby coming soon. I hunted through my amigurumi books and Pinterest, but it was not the first time that I found an awesome pattern on Etsy. The shop is called Pepika and has many other gorgeous animals in it (like this fox!) The pattern (buy here) was only US$5 and was quickly emailed to me as an easy-to-follow PDF file.

It looks great in person because the stitches are really tight from using a 2mm hook. I gave it a purple shell and then waited to find out if it was for a boy or girl before doing a hat (yes, it is going to be for a girl!) The worst part of making amigurumi toys is sewing all the fiddly pieces together so I loved how the head and body were made in one piece.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Year, New Bag

First on my list of 2013 projects-to-do was this messenger bag. I knew exactly what I wanted - turquoise Melody Miller fabric, a cross-body strap and enough room for essentials without being an enormous carryall (after 6 years of carrying lots of things for kids I am promoting myself to a smaller bag!)

The hardest part was choosing the fabric as I had ordered two fat quarters (from Stitchbird Fabrics) and they are both amazing in person. Aimee and I have been obsessed with Melody Miller fabric for two years now (see Aimee's post here), everything she does is so clever and gorgeous. In the end I went with teacups because there was more turquoise.

I used the easy bag tutorial here by mmm crafts. I have made a small version before (see previous post) but this time I followed her measurements. You can't see in the pictures but it even has pockets and magnet clasps (that I bought here).

And because I couldn't wait to use my other Melody Miller fat quarter, I also made a little sleeping bag for my kindle. Which of course fits perfectly in my new bag.

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(and for all Melody Miller news, follow her super-pretty blog)

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Amigurumi Pencil Pattern

This might be the cutest crochet project I have done so far, and one of the easiest - small amigurumi pencils. In December I was looking for a quick teacher-thank-you gift to make and remembered these pencils from Pinterest. Unfortunately the pin no longer connects to anything and I couldn't find any information anywhere about a pattern to use or buy... so I had to make one up! In the picture above, I had figured out a pattern on my fourth attempt, the green one.

I am always looking for shortcuts (and hate changing colour) so I have kept these simple, but they would look supercute with colour changes to make an eraser on the end, or stripes, or a classic yellow pencil with black lead. They are small (about 12cm long) but I would love to make a giant one too. Like my crochet hearts last year, I made some for friends as Christmas tree ornaments  by adding a black cotton string to the top.

Please let me know if you have any questions - or if you make some!

Amigurumi Pencil (approx 12cm long)

(I used DK yarn and a 3mm hook)

Worked in the round, start with colour of the pencil body

Sc6 in a circle
Sc twice into each st (12 stitches)
*Sc1, sc twice into next st* around (18 stitches)
Sc 1 round in back loop only (18 stitches)
15 more regular rounds using both loops (18 stitches each)
*Sc 4, decrease 1 stitch* repeat 3 times (15 stitches)
Change to the neutral coloured yarn, Sc 1 round (15 stitches)
*Sc 3, decrease 1 stitch* repeat 3 times (12 stitches)
Sc 1 round (12 stitches)
Attach eyes (5mm or 6mm), embroider mouth
Stuff with fill
*Sc 2, decrease 1 stitch* repeat 3 times (9 stitches)
Change back to the coloured yarn for the pencil tip, Sc 1 round (9 stitches)
Stuff a little more (the tip doesn't need much as the stitches hold their shape)
*Sc 1, decrease 1 stitch* repeat 3 times (6 stitches)
*Sc1, skip 1 stitch* 3 times (3 stitches)
Fasten off leaving a tail, with a yarn needle use the tail to close the tip and shape with little stitches if necessary

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